United States 2010 Census


Census2010.com - Free 2010 US Census Data

2010 population and demographic data for the entire United States, down to the indvidual block level, have been released by the US Census Bureau.

Our data and map information come directly from directly from Census Bureau sources, including the official 2010 Census of Population and Housing (Summary File 1).

The organization of the pages on Census2010.com follow the same heirarchy as the census data themselves, as shown on the image at the right.

Thus, you can see for example that ZIP Codes are subdivisions of the Nation, while counties are (of course) subdivisions of individual states, and so on.

Using these two examples, you can easily find census data for ZIP Code 10001 by browsing to Census2010.com/zipcode/10001 and for King County, WA by visiting Census2010.com/state/Washington/county/King.

Levels of data (zipcode, county, etc.) are specified using lower case letters, while specific locations (10001, King County) are noted using capitilization. To show all the data at a given level (say all the counties in California), omit the location: Census2010.com/state/California/county.

In this manner, census data all the way down to the block level may be accessed with unprecedented ease.

graphical representation of Census data hierarchy

At Census2010.com, our goal is to make census data freely available and easily accessible. This is a work in progress and we aren't there yet, but the database is built, the data is there, and that is the hard part... the rest is just delivery. Please check back soon.